WPC exterior wall cladding is a kind of decorative panel that we can often see on the surface of the building. WPC exterior wall panel is a kind of board composed of wood products and plastic products, which is environmentally friendly and malleable. Today I will introduce to you what is WPC exterior wall cladding and what are the characteristics of WPC exterior wall cladding. 

Wall panels are designed focusing on the outdoor conditions. WPC exterior wall cladding is mainly for the exterior wall practices, such as villa exterior walls, high-level hotel and chamber decoration. It effectively reduces the reflection of sunshine, absorbs the radiation of UV and infrared rays. It is also good in water-drainage and air-permeability. The special features of water-proof, sun-exposure, environmental friendly make it to have an outstanding performance for exterior wall decoration on seaside and waterside architectures. Meanwhile, there are multiple colors to be chosen, which gifts the architectures' unique appearance, which also brings great art creation to the city building.

Our main markets are the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Norway, Portugal and other Southeast Asian countries and European countries.