We are a WPC Flooring manfuacturer and factory from China.  As a professional wpc floor manufacturer, we not only design and manufacture wooden planks suitable for all kinds of public landscape floors, but also all kinds of private mansion villa garden landscape plank floors.

Because decking exposes to the outdoors, it is susceptible to the impacts of weather. So the wood will deteriorate, which is a natural phenomenon. If you use WPC to build your outdoor decking, it takes away the “fun”, the fun of maintaining the wood deck. 

After installing a wood deck, the natural process of wood deterioration is usually slowed down by deck maintenance. Which means that the wood is stained and sealed regularly. 

Wood-plastic composite decking is one of the best alternatives to traditional wood decking. If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance decking material that never needs finishing. Wood-plastic composite decking may be right for your deck.

If you are a distributor or operator of wpc flooring, or you are a project leader and purchaser of landscape engineering. Then you can contact us, our wpc flooring factory will make all kinds of products that meet your requirements. Our products can meet EU standards.