The best 30 garden fences

2022-06-15 07:27:34


Option 1 wood and metal mesh

Wood and barbed wire are the simplest materials. This case shows how to combine the two to create a practical and elegant fence. This kind of fence can also effectively prevent your garden from being invaded by small animals, and provide convenience for some climbing plants.

Scheme 2 DIY iron fence

This kind of iron fence is easy to install and can be installed in an afternoon. The firmness is very good, and the black finish makes it more elegant. The simple streamline can protect the garden, outdoor restaurant or rest space.

Option 3 geometric wooden fence

Through some simple vertical or parallel, make the wooden fence more stylish. If you want to prevent small animals from entering the garden or vegetable garden, you can add a smaller metal mesh.

Option 4 stepped wooden fence

If you are building a fence on a mountain, the ladder fence is an ideal solution. It is visually attractive and perfectly integrated with the terrain. No matter where you stand on the mountain, it can protect your privacy.

Scheme 5 village fence

Simple wood, simple geometry, is formed.

Scheme 6 Blackwood fence

The black fence can make the outdoor space fashionable, especially for people with simple style now. The black fence also sets off the plants

Option 7 tray fence

Wooden tray is one of the best materials for building garden fence. It is very simple and can be painted according to the style of the garden.

Scheme 8 traditional fence

What could be more classic than the white fence? Simple and elegant, but also highlight the characteristics of plants.

Option 9 fence with arch

The pavilion at the entrance makes your garden more attractive and provides climbing space for vines. When these plants have numerous branches and leaves and are full of flowers, it is absolutely necessary to take photos to the scenic spot.

Option 10 rose climbing fence

To support the climbing of a row of roses, the fence must be strong enough. The main frame is made of wood or metal, and metal grids are used in other places to make it easy for plants to climb.

Scheme 11 painted fence

When you are good at painting, don't be satisfied with the simplest fence. You can make your fence unique and artistic by hand drawing.

Scheme 12 bamboo fence

Bamboo is a popular outdoor landscape material because of its natural characteristics. You can make a flower bed low wall with short bamboo to make your garden look warm and natural.

Scheme 13 antique split fence

This kind of fence is simply made of old wood. If your garden and house are relatively old, you can consider using this kind of fence, which is more consistent in style.

Option 14 fences with lights

Lamp strings are never out of date, and the fence is a good place to hang them. Especially when night falls, it makes the whole atmosphere warm and romantic, with the smell of human fireworks.

Scheme 15 brick metal mixed fence

Building a fence with bricks or stones will match the materials of your house. With metal fence, the visibility can be increased correspondingly.

Scheme 16 brick wall

If you need an absolutely private environment and have enough sense of security, brick fence is a good choice. Bricks have many colors, and they can also be painted with their own favorite colors.

Scheme 17 parallel privacy fence

The simple lines give this parallel fence a modern or mid century atmosphere. It can adapt to most home styles and is a good fence to protect privacy.

Option 18 iron fence with decorative spire

The style of the iron fence is also diverse. Before, there was the simplest one, but now this one is relatively gorgeous and complex. According to your own architectural style, you can add some decorative spires on the iron fence to echo.

Scheme 19 including gate iron fence

If you have an iron fence in your front yard, consider adding a driveway door. Firstly, it is convenient to get in and out, and secondly, it does not damage the integrity and coordination of the yard.

Scheme 20 pointed wooden fence

How to make the wooden fence have some design styles without increasing the budget? Just cut the top of the board.

Scheme 21 long iron fence

If you have a lot of land to enclose, consider a long slatted fence. This can not only greatly reduce the materials used, but also make your implementation as clear and open as possible.

Option 22 low fence with door

If you are looking for a fence to enclose your front yard, keep others at a proper distance. Fencing is to prevent people or animals from damaging lawns or plants. But the low fence still maintained a friendly atmosphere.

Option 23 stone fence

If your building material is mainly stone, it is better to make the flower bed mainly with stone.

Scheme 24 low stone wall

In terms of material and labor costs, stone is usually more expensive than wood for fencing. Sometimes, you can consider the stone parapet, which can well show the plant landscape.

Option 25 timber fence with post cap

To upgrade the common wooden fence to a higher level, the choice of column cap is very important. There are many designs to choose from, so you must find a cap that suits your home style. The column cap is an additional cost, but compared with other complex wooden fence shapes, it is still cheap and effectively adds personality.

Scheme 26 lattice fence

Lattice fence is both fashionable and practical. The lattice has certain visibility, but at the same time, its tightness also protects a certain degree of privacy. Of course, you can also rely on it to grow plants.

Option 27 vertical garden fence

Three dimensional planting makes your fence full of vitality. The simplest way to achieve this is to hang hooks on the fence and then hang flower pots. The premise is to ensure that the fence is strong enough to withstand the types of flower pots and plants. (plastic flowerpots are ideal)

Option 28 surfboard fence

In addition to common fence materials, you can also consider fences made of atypical materials, such as surfboards. This adds a lot of beauty and features to your yard. You can use the surfboard to make the focus part, and the other parts are made of traditional and practical materials.

Scheme 29 layered fence

In some cases, you may need more than one fence. In this case, the high privacy fence will become a background for your flower bed.

Fencing prepared under option 30

The fence is made of flexible branches and integrated with nature. For the garden, it is a good choice to protect plants from animals.

I hope the above cases can provide you with creative inspiration to make a better and more suitable fence.

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