WPC decking price philippines

WPC decking price philippines
WPC decking price philippines
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Outdoor WPC decking is widely used in the Philippines. The price of WPC-outdoor-decking is cheaper than that of solid wood floors. The general price is 30USD/㎡ in the Philippine market. WPC decking specifications are also diverse and environmentally sustainable.

Wpc outdoor decking is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite product. The wood phenol produced in the production of medium and high-density fiberboard is added with recycled plastics through granulation equipment to make wood-plastic composite materials, and then extruded into the production group. Made of wood plastic floor.


What is the main material of wpc outdoor decking?

The main materials of wpc outdoor decking are PE and wood powder or bamboo powder. After adding additives and mixing at a high speed, granulation is carried out, and then the granules are extruded by an extruder. This type of floor can be used in garden landscapes, villas, etc. Outdoor platform.

What is Wood Plastic Composites?

Wood-plastic composite board is a kind of wood-plastic composite board which is mainly made of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the basic material, thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aids, etc., mixed evenly and then heated and extruded by mold equipment. The high-tech green environmental protection material has both the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic. It is a new type of environmentally friendly high-tech material that can replace wood and plastic. Its English Wood Plastic Composites is abbreviated as WPC.

WPC outdoor decking

Wood-plastic floor is a floor made of wood-plastic composite material. It has the same processing characteristics as wood. It can be sawed, drilled, and nailed with ordinary tools. It is very convenient and can be used like ordinary wood. At the same time, it has the woody feel of wood and the water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties of plastic, making it an outdoor waterproof and anti-corrosion building material with excellent performance and durability. Because of the materials and craftsmanship of wpc outdoor decking, its price is relatively much cheaper. In the Philippine market, everyone's pursuit of economy, and lower-priced wood-plastic floors are more popular.

Advantages of wpc outdoor decking

(1) wpc outdoor decking is waterproof and moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in humid and multi-water environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used.

(2) wpc outdoor decking is insect-proof and termite-proof, effectively eliminating pest harassment and prolonging service life.

(3) Colorful, many colors to choose from. It not only has natural wood feeling and wood texture, but also can customize the required color according to your own personality

(4) wpc decking has strong plasticity, can realize personalized modeling very simply, and fully reflect individual style.

(5) High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution, and recyclable. The product does not contain benzene, and the formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than the EO grade standard, which is the European environmental protection standard. The recyclable utilization greatly saves the amount of wood used, which is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefits the society.

(6) wpc decking has high fire resistance. It can effectively flame retardant, the fire rating reaches B1 level, it will self-extinguish in case of fire, and will not produce any toxic gas.

(7) wpc decking has good machinability, can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled, and the surface can be painted.

(8) wpc decking is simple to install, convenient to construct, does not require complicated construction techniques, and saves installation time and costs.

(9) No cracking, no swelling, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean and save later maintenance and maintenance costs.

(10) It has good sound absorption effect and good energy saving, so that the indoor energy saving is as high as 30% or more.

WPC decking price in philippines

In the Philippine market, the wood-plastic floor is about 30 USD/㎡. Regarding the WPC decking price, it should be comprehensively evaluated according to market conditions, raw material conditions, processing supply, demand, etc. For detailed price information, you can contact our experts.

Which is better, wood plastic floor or solid wood floor?

1. From the perspective of decoration, wood plastic floor and solid wood floor

In terms of decoration, solid wood flooring has a natural texture, which can give people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature, so the decorative performance is very good. The wood-plastic floor is a new type of floor that is mixed with wood and plastic. Although the texture can imitate the texture of solid wood, the colors are diverse and beautiful, but compared with the natural texture formed naturally, the wood-plastic floor is inferior in decorative performance to solid wood. Excellent floor.

2. From the perspective of environmental protection, wood plastic floor and solid wood floor

As a flooring product made of pastoral logs, solid wood flooring does not add any harmful substances during the processing process. It can be said to be a pure natural environmentally friendly flooring product. Although the wood-plastic floor is artificially made, the base material also does not contain harmful substances, and there is no need to add harmful substances during the processing, so the wood-plastic floor is also a very environmentally friendly floor product. In terms of environmental performance, both are excellent.

3. From the perspective of comfort, wood plastic floor and solid wood floor

After all, the floor is a product that needs to be stepped on frequently, especially indoors, which leads many consumers to consider the comfort of its high dryness when purchasing floors, and solid wood floors have the highest quality among wood floor types. A product with comfortable performance, it has the advantages of being warm in winter and cool in summer, elastic, soft and moist. Wood-plastic floors are foam products, which are not as comfortable as solid wood floors.

4. From the perspective of practicality, wood plastic floor and solid wood floor

The range of use of solid wood floors is relatively narrow, and most of them can only be used in indoor dining rooms and bedrooms. Because they are damaged due to external factors, they are not widely applicable. Wood-plastic floor is a product made of wood and plastic, which has some advantages of both, so it has the advantages of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof and mildew-proof. It can be used indoors or outdoors, so it has strong applicability.

After the comparison of the above four points, it is not difficult to see that the solid wood floor focuses on interior decoration, and the second wood plastic floor can be used both indoors and outdoors. Both have their own advantages and can be selected according to their own needs. If you are from the Philippines and want to do outdoor engineering, then wood-plastic flooring is cheaper and more suitable for outdoor engineering, which is the best choice.

WPC outdoor decking service life

The main materials of the wood-plastic outdoor floor are PE and wood powder or bamboo powder. After adding additives, high-speed mixing, granulation, and then using an extruder to extrude the granules into molding materials. This type of floor can be used in garden landscapes and villas. Wait for the outdoor platform. The sun and rain will not crack or mold, and the service life can reach about 15 years. Whether the WPC floor is durable or not is not out of the question, it has been tested by time. Generally, the service life of the first-generation wood-plastic floor in the Philippines is about 10 years, and the service life of the second-generation co-extruded floor is about 20 years, but according to different The demand of customers, as well as the choice of price, only launched the first and second generation. There are many choices of products now, but remember to look at the samples and quality, and don't try to be cheap, because the price is low, and buying fakes is more than worth the loss.

WPC outdoor decking specs in the philippines

  1. 145*23 round hole wpc floor, installation size: 145*23, unit: mm


2. 150*25 solid wpc floor: installation specification: 150*25, unit: mm


3. 140*25 square hole wpc floor: Installation specification: 140*25, unit: mm


4. 150*25 buckle-free wpc floor: Installation specification: 150*25, unit: mm


The above are the common WPC outdoor floor specifications in the Philippine market. If you are designing, you can refer to the above specifications to design drawings. Contact our experts for specific prices.

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