What are the characteristics of PVC lawn fence?

2022-05-26 01:42:18

PVC lawn fence has fine hand feel and long service life

Because the lawn fence is made of PVC as the main material, the mesh of PVC lawn fence has bright color and smooth surface. The installation method of PVC lawn fence is simple, and the installation process is fast and firm. PVC lawn fence adopts special profile and high-temperature hot-dip galvanizing technology, and the surface adopts world-class AkzoNobel electrophoretic paint. Therefore, the handle of PVC lawn fence is delicate, Beautiful appearance, high strength and long service life.


The color of PVC lawn fence can be customized

PVC lawn fences have many colors, including white, blue, red and green. The strength of PVC lawn fences is much stronger than wooden fences. The cross bars of PVC lawn fences are reinforced with special-shaped steel and then covered with special PVC materials. Therefore, the strength and aesthetics of PVC lawn fences are improved. PVC lawn fences do not need painting and maintenance to reduce the comprehensive cost. In addition, PVC lawn fences have high safety, It is harmless to humans and animals. Even if you touch it carelessly, it will not hurt people like steel or iron fence. At present, PVC lawn fence has become the most decorative product, which is suitable for the green belt of various urban roads and the decoration of residential areas, so as to contribute to the environmental protection of the city.

PVC lawn fence product specification:

  1.  Cross bar of PVC lawn fence: 30 * 50 (mm), 40 * 60 (mm), 30 * 60 (mm), 80 * 50 (mm), 75 * 60 (mm).

  2.  Columns of PVC lawn fence: 30 * 50 (mm), 40 * 35 (mm), 75 * 25 (mm), 80 * 40 (mm).

  3.  Height of PVC lawn fence: 500 -- 2000 (mm).

  4.  Vertical pole of PVC lawn fence: 40 * 60 (mm), 60 * 90 (mm), 200 * 90 (mm), 80 * 70 (mm).

  5.  Standard span: 2500 (mm), 3600 (mm).

PVC lawn fence has super corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance

PVC lawn fence has super corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance. When used at - 50 ℃ to 70 ℃, PVC lawn fence will not produce problems such as fading, cracking and embrittlement. The service life of PVC lawn fence is as long as 30 years. PVC lawn fence not only has protective function, but also has strong impact resistance and stability. The above is the whole content of this paper, I believe that after reading this article, you will have a new understanding of PVC lawn fence. Thank you for watching. If you want to know more about PVC lawn fence, foundation pit anti fence, zinc steel fence, color steel fence and construction fence, please pay attention to us.

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