How to choose the right fence in the garden, and at least double the appearance value, these five kinds of love at first sight

2022-05-30 07:04:43

The personalized design can also make the whole space look more stylish.

1. Translucent PP panel

In the past, the courtyard wall made at home looked like a "cage" from a distance. It looked very uncomfortable, but if it was not done, the safety protection performance would be reduced.

Therefore, many people cover up their existence by planting tall plants, but it will greatly affect the indoor lighting. Some people are unwilling to waste 1m2 of flat open space and choose translucent PP panels to allow the passing of colors, leaves and other light patterns.

Cacti and succulent plants can be selected to add internal planting space, and the green leafy branches on the outside strengthen the green crown of the surrounding trees.

The translucent PP panel basically does not block the light. It has a sense of security and does not block the line of sight.

2. WPC wooden fence

If you prefer to contact with nature and pay more attention to the decoration of space, you can try WPC wooden grating as a garden fence.

The shorter wooden lattice design often does not have the sense of bondage. Instead, it is easier to show a friendly and enthusiastic face with the neighbors. It is also very versatile. It can match with various styles and enhance the style of the courtyard.

3. Slate wall

If you want the garden to have a certain sense of security, you can make it a solid wall. However, the simple white wall is too single outside. The slate wall really has a lot of sense of design and looks more personalized.

The low garden wall made of slate wall can effectively organize and divide the internal spaces. Stone is more expensive than wood, but its service life is relatively long. If you are afraid of noise, the slate wall is a good material to reduce the spread of noise to a certain extent.


4. Plant fence

Visually, the plant fence is different from the solid wall, which can make our mood more comfortable. We can enlarge our visual effect through landscape design.


If you want to maximize the green in the garden, you can choose the hedge fence, which is usually composed of small trees or shrubs, and the height range is generally 150-160cm. Looking at a whole green at a glance makes people feel comfortable, and this can also well hide fences or links.

5. Fence wall

Fence should be the most common design in reality. I like to plant climbing plants without its existence, which can bring layers of vitality to the space.

Like the rose, it needs to grow up on the fence, which can bring us spectacular scenery and make the whole garden look more stylish!

Of course, the materials of the fence are far more than these. If you want your garden to be different, you can try the above five schemes, which may surprise you.

It took 23000 yuan to transform a small garden with a terrace of 28m2. The house we bought was a small Western-style house with seven floors and eight floors. The terrace on the eighth floor was used to create a modern and simple garden

After synthesizing my suggestions, my father designed and supervised it personally and started construction last summer. The following process precautions are for your reference only!

Original terrace

The West terrace has not been rebuilt. In the future, it will be used as the place where my mother grows vegetables and fruit trees. The following is the East terrace, covering an area of about 28 square meters.

Waterproofing works

First, before making the floor coiled material, waterproof the original floor expansion joints and ventilation pipes of the floor with weather resistant structural adhesive.

Then ask a professional waterproof master to lay the entire waterproof coiled material under the outdoor high temperature. When laying the coiled material, pay attention to the drainage direction, and the joint shall cover at least 15cm

After completion, all joints shall be reinforced and sealed with waterproof glue to avoid cracking and water seepage. Waterproof glue can be applied to the external wall to ensure service life. This kind of waterproof glue can also be applied to the wooden doors and windows of the toilet to form a transparent waterproof film

The waterproof glue is easy to operate and has good waterproof effect. 

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